Learn the lessons I’ve learned from the untold story of President Nixon’s disastrous abuses of power. I’m the book author of this true story and have spent years unraveling the truth.

“The World Turn’d Upside Down”

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Book about the ‘California Caper’

This is the untold Watergate story involving Air Force Major Jerry Rogers, a career officer, considered to be a Soviet spy by President Nixon and operations by the White House Plumbers to neutralize and destroy him. This book thoroughly documents the available records and is autobiographical in reporting his experiences during Watergate and afterward. At the time President Nixon considered this as “the Grave National Security Matter” and never to be disclosed, fearing that such would destroy the command and control structure of the entire US military. This matter was known at the time by members of the Senate Watergate Committee with Vice Committee Chair Senator Howard Baker calling it Watergate’s “missing link.” The Watergate Special Prosecutor and various judicial and court officials were knowledgeable. Rogers, the author, reports out to the American People what he feels that have an absolute need to know about this untold Watergate chapter.

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"Just as the American people have never been allowed to know much about the killing of President Kennedy, their faith in government was massively diminished by the illegal acts of President Nixon -- many of which remain undisclosed. This book provides hidden history on exploits of the 'Nixon Plumbers' which were never revealed by Congressional investigations, or in the memoirs and publications of many who know."